Marco Müller, Alexis Reigel


In collaboration with:

Linus Romer


Supported by:

TeX Development Fund, USA.

Metaflop is a new web application, designed to be user-friendly and serving for the modulation of digital fonts. It makes it possible for users to create their own digital fonts in a very short space of time. To do this, the typographical parameters of a Metaflop font can be modified either with slider bars or numerically. An automatic preview displays the results of the chosen modulation at once. Users do not have to work with complex font editors, nor do they need to grapple with the abstract description language of the metafont script or with the design of individual letters. The repetitive adjustments of the font characters are all done by the server. This enables users to focus on their own design decisions. The new fonts can be installed on all current computer systems, or else linked in as a web font with any website you choose.

Comments by the Nominators

A digital program distinguished for its practicality and user-friendliness, which may help to popularise typographical design. While the project can serve as an innovative source of inspiration for professional designers, it also encourages the general public to experiment with typography and develop their own fonts.