Institute of Fashion Design,
Academy of Art and Design, FHNW in Basel



Priska Morger (Creative Direction),
Andrea Sommer (Editor-in-chief), 
Jiri Oplatek (Art Director),
Kurt Zihlmann (Administration)

DOING FASHION PAPER (DFP) is the title of a publication series which was created at the Institute of Fashion Design of the Academy of Art and Design, FHNW in Basel, and which emerged from the training concept of DOING FASHION. The essential objective of this teaching vessel is to create alternative spaces of action in the field of fashion design, in emancipation from the current understanding of fashion. DFP was worked out and implemented in close cooperation with the graphics office Claudiabasel. It offers a platform for fashion discourse in universities and encourages its further development. The top-quality print product is consciously seen as offering a basis for play and experiment. From the point of view of the book designer, the publication consists in applied research in the area of editorial design. Established rules are here being deliberately broken or converted into their opposites. The design evidently goes against mainstream trends, without dissipating any of its energy on negative attitudes.

Comments by the jury

The publication series DOING FASHION PAPER is the central communication medium of the Institute of Fashion Design at the Basel School of Art and Design, and exemplifies, both inwardly and outwardly, the experimental and avant-garde philosophy of the Institute. In addition, it reflects the professionalisation of the Basel school of fashion, its national and international positioning and its aspiration to make waves. The style of this reference publication, which has been coming out for five years now, is closely associated with the Institute’s understanding of its own role. Its experimental character finds expression in an unconventional, sometimes quite confusing, pictorial idiom, in a surprising selection of materials and in the variety of the printing techniques used.

Comments by the Nominators

This many-faceted publication series on fashion – a central communication medium of the Institute of Fashion Design, and illustrating the latter’s progressive style – stimulates interest by the way it keeps on developing. It aspires to be seen as an alternative to mainstream fashion discourse, and its design reflects and supports this ambition.