Appia, a chair collection

Christoph Jenni (Product Design)

In collaboration with:

Maxdesign: Massimo Martino (CEO)

POL: Chantal Meng, Luca Fuchs 

(Graphic Design, Photo Concept)

Activa: Luigi Cappelin (Engineering)

Appia embodies the vision of a chair with a positive and contemporary atmosphere. In this collection of the Maxdesign firm, for which the design was created, plastic – the previous main material – has been replaced by aluminium and moulded plywood. The use of aluminium for the base, which is produced by pressure die casting, gives the chair an aura of solidity and value. In combination with the seat and backrest, which are made of wood, this results in a picture that is harmonious all round. The unassuming appearance of the Appia chair, which can be used as a contract or conference chair with equal effectiveness, is owing to an intensive concern with the detail of the design. This shows in the almost invisible coupling of the aluminium frame and the wooden backrest, as well as in the way in which the optional arm rests are holistically integrated with the frame of the chair.

Comments by the Nominators

A formally convincing and independent solution for a classic furniture theme.The replacement of plastic with renewable raw materials and recyclable aluminium shows that designers and manufacturers have read the signs of the times.