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Stanserhorn Cabrio


Thomas Küchler, Dipl. Designer (Kabinendesign)

In collaboration with:

Gangloff Cabins AG (Kabinenhersteller)

Garaventa AG (Seilbahnbauer)

Stanserhorn-Bahn (Bauherr)

The Stanserhorn Cabrio is the world’s first ever cable railway with an open upper deck. The two-level suspended cable car is a real innovation in cable railway technology. The lower level of the cabin accommodates up to 60 persons, who can enjoy panoramic views on all sides thanks to the glass extending to the height of the ceiling. A centrally located spiral staircase is provided for access to the completely open sundeck above. Up to 30 persons at one time can here enjoy a unique experience in the open air. As the bearer cable is positioned to the side of the vehicle, they have an all-round and unobstructed view of the surroundings. In design terms the ‘cabrio’ part of the cabin, with its windshield, glass parapet and floor in the form of a boardwalk, is inspired by the deck of a yacht. The restrained choice of colour underlines the technical quality of the cabin, while serving as an optical link between the cabin frame and the U-shaped chassis hoop.

Comments by the Nominators

The contemporary design of this cable car cabin offers tourists something that in the past was an experience out of the ordinary – the chance of enjoying breathtaking views of the scenery from an open upper deck. This is a genuine innovation, and the design has been skilfully realised.