Product - Investment Goods


X-SMART iQ, iPad controlling kit

for endodontic motor

PilotDesign, Dentsply Maillefer


Boris Kujawa (Senior Product Manager)

Francesco Piras (R&D Project Manager)

Philippe Vallat (PilotDesign Director)

Daniel Schuerer (PilotDesign Project Manager)

This project basically amounts to a special kind of packaging. The object was to design a durable cover, suitable for practical and everyday use, for an innovative cordless drill which is specially used for the treatment of dental roots, as well as for the iPad responsible for the controls of this instrument. There were particular requirements to be met by this project, not least with reference to hygiene and ease of cleaning. The kit consists of three elements: a protective cover for the iPad, a storage rack for the drill during treatment and a kind of transport box for the drill, for which the storage rack serves as a base. The proposed solution is a clever and convincing combination of these different elements. The upper part of the drill transport box serves as a support for the iPad during treatment. The elements are coupled to one another by means of inbuilt invisible magnets.

Comments by the Nominators

The kit consists of just a few well coordinated components, which together add up to a compact unit. The design answers a contemporary need, as well as meeting the special hygienic requirements of dental surgeries, and its functionality is impressive. This is an intelligent, ergonomic and attractively simple product.