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Aeon Phocus Catheter 

Steering System

Bureau Sturm Design GmbH:

Dominic Sturm (Designer, Owner)

Dominique Schmutz (Junior Designer)

Salome Berger (Junior Designer)

Manuel Rossegger (Junior Designer)

Client: Aeon Scientific AG, Zürich;
Severin Eisner (PM), Jonas Baumann (CTO)

The Aeon Phocus is a magnetic control device for use in what are known as hybrid operating theatres. With the help of imaging techniques it forms the basis for minimally invasive operations on the inner organs, especially in connection with cardiac surgery. The ultra-precise, computer-supported control of the surgical instruments in the body of the patient reduces the time of treatment significantly and minimises exposure to X-rays. In formal, ergonomic and functional terms, the design of the treatment unit has been based – within the bounds of technical possibility – on the needs of the patient, who remains conscious during the operation. So in spite of its impressive size, the system is designed to inspire confidence and at the same time gives a highly professional impression. The development of the peripheral components, like the 3-D surgical joystick, was based on close cooperation with doctors. The joystick forms a central interface between the operator and the treatment unit.

Comments by the Nominators

The big apparatuses of modern medical technology are on the whole extremely complex, shamefully expensive and rarely well designed. The Aeon Phocus succeeds in limiting radiation exposure for patients and doctors. The design of the treatment unit inspires confidence in its technical precision. The carefully designed control module is also worthy of note.