Product – Consumer Goods


Leggero ENSO

Tribecraft AG

Concept, Design and Engineering:

Daniel Irányi, Jörg Evertz, Uwe Werner, Oliver Baur,
Joël Bourgeois, Giovanni Doci, Dominik Eggert,
Simon Hasenfratz, Pius Kobler, Anita Leitmeyr, Arno Lenzi, Luca Lörtscher, Martin Müller, Miriam Nietlispach,
Reto Schneller, Remo Sommer, Nico Spinelli, Robert Spörri, Tom Stäubli, Marco Stoffel, Gabriela Bachmann

Brüggli Industrie

Producer Leggero products:

Adrian Hungerbühler, David Fischer,
Urs Buschor, Arnold Rohner

The Leggero ENSO is designed as a multifunctional child’s bicycle trailer, suitable for use either as a pram or as a sports jogger. It does all that you need a child transporter to do, and so helps young families to stay mobile for sport or in everyday living. In development of the ENSO, consistent attention was devoted to a well-thought-out structure, convincing solutions on the level of detail and outstanding product quality. The stable undercarriage, with its oil-damped suspension system, guarantees child comfort and safety. The sophisticated mechanics make it easy to switch over the unit from trailer to pram mode, and an integrated folding mechanism serves to save space for purposes of transport or storage. There is also a collapsible luggage compartment for shopping, enhancing the usefulness of the vehicle for everyday use. The textile cover can be quickly and simply rolled out, offering the child secure protection from the weather.

Comments by the jury

This child’s bicycle trailer, which has been consistently designed with safety and ease of use in mind, is in the best sense a typically Swiss product – functional, technically sophisticated, solidly made, long-lived, precisely crafted and easy to operate. Another convincing feature is that only materials and components made in Europe were used for the trailer, and workshops employing persons with special needs were involved in production – a shining example of sustainability on both economic and social levels.

Comments by the Nominators

Both in its overall appearance and in the detail, this child’s bicycle attachment is well thought out and functionally designed. It convincingly communicates safety and compactness – qualities that are a top priority for children in road traffic.