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BIG-GAME Sàrl: Augustin Scott de Martinville,

Elric Petit, Grégoire Jeanmonod

Basket aspires to be a reinterpretation of the classic plastic basket and is recommending itself to be used in many different ways – for carrying the washing, as a depository for newspapers or even when harvesting apples in the garden. The redesign of this object is justified by the functional and aesthetic added value it provides. With its simple and archetypal formal idiom, Basket will look good in a wide variety of interior settings. In functional respects, the surrounding horizontally aligned strip at the upper edge of the basket is the crucial element of the design. This stabilises the structure, serves as a handle accessible from all sides and makes it easy for baskets to be stacked on top of one another. Produced by injection moulding, the basket comes in two sizes and in various colours. It is thus deliberately designed to be an everyday product offering good value for money, and capable of being used indoors or outdoors alike.

Comments by the Nominators

A carefully thought out and aesthetically successful reinterpretation or further development of an everyday utility article, this makes the plastic basket into an object that is both formally appealing and versatile in terms of use. In addition to this, Basket succeeds in expanding the product range of the manufacturer.