Bischoff Textil AG:

Thomas Meyer (CEO), 

Rachel de Lagenest (Designer)

Hublot S.A.:

Ricardo Guadalupe (CEO), Raphael Nussbaumer
(Directeur Produit), Sylvie Savary (Designer),
Stéphane De Oliveira (R&D Project Manager)

Composites Busch S.A.:

Alain Lallemand (Vice President), 

Lukas Wielatt (R&D Project Engineer)

Big Bang Broderie was created as a cooperative project between Bischoff Textil AG, the watch manufacturing firm Hublot and Composites Busch S.A. The starting point of the project was the idea of decorating the dial, bezel and wristband of a luxury watch with delicate embroidery. The central challenge of the undertaking consisted in making the jointly developed design useful in practical terms for the special purpose that had been envisaged. With this aim in view, a special yarn coated in 24-carat gold plasma was used to embroider a delicate filigree motif on tulle and silk organza. This was then fixed with high-tech components made of carbon fibre, using a completely new and unique technique. The technical innovation associated with the project opens up the traditional craft of embroidery to further futuristic areas of application.

Comments by the Nominators

In an exemplary partnership between two top Swiss companies, the refinement of existing methods has yielded an innovative area of use for top-quality embroidery. Apart from the project itself, this creates a basis for further unusual applications involving embroidery.