Hochschule Luzern – Design & Kunst, Forschungsgruppe Produkt & Textil: Prof. Dr. Andrea Weber Marin,
Isabel Rosa Müggler, Prof. Tina Moor, Janine Häberle,
Luzia Kälin, 
Daniel Wehrli

Hochschule Luzern – Technik & Architektur, Forschungsgruppe Material Struktur Energie in Architektur:

Prof. Dieter Geissbühler, Dr. Alexandra Saur, Alexander Lempke, Lukas Hodel, Stefan Kunz

Hochschule Luzern – Technik & Architektur, Kompetenzzentrum Fassaden- und Metallbau:
Prof. Dr. Andreas Luible, Arnaud Deillon, Thomas Wüest

Hochschule Luzern – Wirtschaft, Kompetenzzentrum
General Management: Prof. Dr. Jens Meissner

In collaboration with:

HP Gasser AG, Bieri Tenta AG, Swisstulle AG,
TISSA AG, Flumroc AG, Luzern Design, Furrer Events AG,
Dr. Lüchinger+Meyer Bauingenieure AG

Supported by:

Kommission für Technologie und Innovation KTI

The Tex Pavilion is the result of a CTI (Commission for Technology and Innovation) research project over several years, aimed at exploring the hitherto untapped potential of textile materials in architecture, and establishing woven fabrics as a permanent element in architectural engineering. A mobile pavilion for exhibitions and events was created in order to demonstrate the way in which flexible textile materials can be used as a fixed structural component. This kind of structure is particular suitable for illuminating and exploring the interaction of the supporting and covering functions, which can be seen as the main requirements of a building. The pavilion can be rapidly assembled and disassembled – an essential aspect of temporary architecture – and here again the special strengths of the textile material, its low weight and flexibility, come into play. The Tex Pavilion meets all the standards by which temporary buildings are judged, and was developed under the auspices of this project to the point where it is ready for the market.

Comments by the Nominators

This project shows convincingly that the possibilities of textile architecture are far from being exhausted – in terms of functional, aesthetic and design aspects.Moreover, Tex Pavilion is a research project that is easily understood and accessible to the general public.