Swiss Textiles Prize for Young Fashion and Textile Entrepreneurs


JULIAN ZIGERLI is a young, internationally successful men’s fashion label from Switzerland. It stands for practical, smart and technically first-class fashion which is comfortable and at the same time decidedly contemporary. The brand has a sportswear attitude and positions itself in the high fashion sector. Among its particular features are the elaborate print designs, customised for every season, which express the energetic feeling for life of the label. For the prints, JULIAN ZIGERLI collaborates on a regular basis with artists, graphic artists, photographers and illustrators. Exciting artistic projects that overstep conventional boundaries are standard. In 2015 the label launched its new Unisex Basic Line JULIAN ZIGERLI – ALL TIME FAVORITE, which deliberately follows a supra-seasonal approach. The power to convince of this line is essentially based on its use of the best Swiss quality materials and the simplicity of the details.

Comments by the Nominators

Julian Zigerli is one of the most highly regarded and talked about Swiss fashion brands. Zigerli’s world is extremely fresh and colourful. It has its references, but remains unique. The brand’s partnership with artists is notable, as is the extremely adroit viral marketing of the label. We are entitled to expect great things from its further development.