Swiss Textiles Prize for Young Fashion and Textile Entrepreneurs


LYN Lingerie

LYN Lingerie

Evelyn Huber, Ramona Keller

Material sponsoring Collection Fall/Winter 2015:

Swiss Textiles

LYN Lingerie is a young Zurich label for lingerie and swimwear, and as such a unique phenomenon in Switzerland. The brand stands for modern and luxurious underwear, for the combination of elaborate details, innovative design and maximum wearing comfort. The exclusive products of LYN aim to accentuate female beauty. Worn close to the skin, they remain for the most part an invisible secret – and yet they do have an outward effect. Anyone who wears LYN is going to feel sexy, sensuous, playful and self-confident. All LYN products are designed and made by hand in Switzerland. This results in supreme quality, and also means that the design can be modified to meet individual requirements when needed. The label puts its faith consistently in ‘Swissness’, not least in its choice of materials, and aspires to become the archetypal example of top-quality Swiss lingerie.

Comments by the Nominators

This young label has been a feature of the Swiss market for three years, offering luxurious ladies’ underwear and swimwear fashion. The detail is impressively sophisticated, the design innovative and it is incredibly comfortable to wear. An intelligent system of sizes makes it possible for the small Zurich workshop to meet the needs of its clients in the best possible way.