Rado Star Prize Switzerland for Young Talent


Stack is an innovative inkjet printer, which at the same time is reduced down to the central function of a device of this sort – the actual printing. With traditional printers, the largest component is the paper compartment. Stack does without it altogether. The printer is placed directly on the stack of paper that is to be printed. During printing, the individual sheets are pulled in from below and ejected again at the top of the device. Stack thus works its way, so to speak, through the pile of paper until the paper runs out. As a result of this approach, the printer has a highly compact, simple and appealing design. Essential conditions for the creation of the device were a careful choice of components and the development of a special infeed mechanism. Stack is designed to meet the needs of people who work in a mobile manner or in a confined space, and have problems with the bulky form of ordinary printers.

Comments by the jury

An outstanding diploma project, involving not just the theoretical development of a charming product idea, but also its immediate implementation in practice. Designed in accordance with the motto “reduced to the max”, and realised with notable technical skill, the home-made printer could in principle go into production without more ado. It could well have considerable market potential and might even lead to the definition of a new class of printers. The jury commends this project explicitly as illustrating an approach to design that is user-oriented and meets a genuine need, while having no need of formal aesthetic fripperies to prove its quality.

Comments by the Nominators

The development of a completely new printer typology as a diploma project is a powerful and notable achievement. The absolute reduction of the printer to its fundamental function is conceptually convincing, and seems to have been efficiently realised in technical terms as well.