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Sub Categories

Awarded only on the basis of nomination by the jury. You cannot put yourself forward for this prize, but may recommend yourself tob e considered.

  • Home + Living

  • Product + Communication

  • Research

  • Enabling Innovations - complex systemsolutions that activate the user in the fields of, e.g., mobility systems, telecommunications, entertainment, social networks etc..

  • Brands, Companies and Institutions

  • Research & Development

  • Designers, Design-Agencies, Services

  • Real-Estate

The assessment criteria include the following:

Integral and integrative solutions responding to the challenges of Ageing Society. Launched products and projects as well as research or visionary projects will be considered.

The design-solutions shall respect the principles of barrier-free Universal Design. The Design Leadership Prize additionally pays high attention to atmospheric and esthetic aspects.

Our experts are in search of solutions from the area of Home + Living, Product + Communication, Research as well as Enabling Innovations such as complex system-solutions in the fields of, e.g. mobility systems, telecommunications, entertainment, social networks etc...

This prize-category is not open to the public Call for Projects. Designers, companies and institutions may, however, recommend their work to be considered for a nomination.


EC250 Giruno

Giesserei, Winterthur



Grünräume für
die zweite Lebenshälfte

Solidarity Network

Sub Categories

  • Graphic

  • Publishing

  • New Media

  • Interaction Design, Games, Serious Games

  • Corporate Identity & Corporate Design, Branding

  • Integrated Communication Campaigns

  • Exhibitions

The assessment criteria include the following:

  • Communication value, message

  • Expressiveness

  • Realisation

  • Media application(s)

  • Focus on a target group

Manifesta 11

– What People Do For Money

Lichtfries am Neubau des 
Kunstmuseums Basel

ad absurdum

Sub Categories

  • Fashion Design

The assessment criteria include the following:

  • Creativity, appeal and comfort

  • Innovation and stringency

  • Use of materials

  • Technology and processing




Sub Categories

  • Furniture


The assessment criteria include the following:

  • Form and function

  • Materials and processing

  • Product culture and social relevance

  • Environmental and ergonomic aspects

WEDA Bench




Sub Categories

  • Consumer Goods at large

  • Home Appliances,

  • Kitchen and Bath

  • Watches, Jewellery, Accessories

  • Shoes, Bags

  • Lighting

The assessment criteria include the following:

  • Function, form, usefulness and innovative aspects

  • Use of materials and processing

  • Development process and sustainability

  • Product culture and social relevance


Malvaux «Nr. 1»


Waltz N°1

Sub Categories

  • Technical Goods for the Industry

  • Machines

  • Investment Goods

  • Medtech

  • Microelectronics

  • ToolingTransportation

  • Materials

  • Others


The assessment criteria include the following:

  • Function, form, usefulness and efficiency

  • Use of materials and processing

  • Economic and ecological aspects

  • Development process

Aebi Terratrac TT281
Hang Geräteträger

System Schuhsohle




Sub Categories

  • Communication

  • Fashion

  • Furniture

  • Interdisciplinary

  • Product Design

  • Research

  • Spatial

  • Textile

The assessment criteria include the following:

The prize is aimed at talented designers of the younger generation:

These include professionals from all design institutes who have completed a course in Design or in a design-related subject within the last three years.

Submissions may include products, projects, concepts and prototypes

  • which have been conceived, designed or produced as original creations

  • which have been developed as limited editions or commissioned works for institutes or galleries.

The following are excluded:

  • Commissioned works for commercial brands

  • Watches and clocks

Submissions for the competition must, as a minimum requirement, include a finalised and presentable concept.


We are not angry, just self-reliant.

In the Secret Garden

– Jadis Lighting Sculpture

SteriLux –
Affordable sterilization device
for developing countries

– Über die Rolle der Designer/innen

in sozialen Projekten

Milvus Milvus


Sub Categories

  • Research projects across all disciplines

The assessment criteria include the following:

Awarded to projects in the field of applied design research, design theory and design history which are notable for their innovative methods and/or conclusions and which enrich design discourse and/or establish new fundamental principles.


ALE – Augmented Learning Experience

e – Broidery 2.0


Sub Categories

  • Interior Conepts

  • Retail / Shop

  • Exhibitions

  • Scenography

  • Stage Design

The assessment criteria include the following:

  • Programme and context

  • Use of materials

  • Communication value

Slow Screen


Wandbild «Lebensräume und ihre Bewohner»,

Naturmuseum St.Gallen

Sub Categories

Design Driven Lighting Solutions (interior and exterior), Applying or Inventing Energy-Efficient Technologies

  • Lighting Products

  • Projects + Concepts

  • Solutions and Services

  • Applied Research & Development

The assessment criteria include the following:

Awarded to products, services, projects as well as applied research in the field of lighting that develop and / or incorporate efficient light-technologies in conjunction with design of an integrated and innovative kind as an overall achievement.

Works are looked for which convincingly enrich the market and the product culture, set new standards or establish new fundamental principles.

A central criterion is that the submission should contribute to a more energy-efficient consumer culture.

The quality of the technology and the design must be equally convincing.




Sub Categories

  • Fashion

  • Textile

The assessment criteria include the following:

The prize is awarded to start-up companies founded within the last five years previous to the current edition of DPS:

The following assessment criteria apply:

  • Design quality and stringency of products and collections to date

  • Brand and product design:
  • USP and unique identity

  • Branding

  • Marketing & communication

  • Retail / point-of-sales presentation

  • Social relevance

  • Sustainable approach

  • Businessplan

  • Milestones achieved or to be achieved in the coming three years in terms of the business model (brand, design, production and sales)



Sub Categories

  • Yarn, Twines, Threads, Ribbons, Bands

  • Ropes / Cord

  • Textile Surface Structures; Fabric, Flooring,

  • Carpets

  • Embroidery

  • Textile Refinement Processes

  • Fiber Reinforced Textiles

The assessment criteria include the following:

  • Technologies used

  • Material combinations

  • Expressive of the spirit of the timesInnovation

  • Innovation

Embroidered Sunrises