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ad absurdum

Shown at the Mudac – Museum of Design and Applied Contemporary Arts – in Lau-sanne, the exhibition “Freitag ad absurdum feat. Frank und Patrik Riklin” focuses, in the light of the “absurdisation of the Freitag value creation chain” and the manifesto derived from it, on attitudes to consumer behaviour in our society. The project was not limited to the museum, but also took place in public spaces. It was concerned with questions of recycling and upcycling, participation and alternative production circuits. The communicative concept of the exhibition reflects the concerns of its originators just in the choice of materials and the manner of realisation. The invitation card, for instance, could be divided up at will and could also be used as a spray template. Poster publicity for the event was based on old and superseded posters of all kinds, to which stencils, paint, rollers and a sticker lent a new message. The publication that accompanied the exhibition, which was intended as documentation of the project and was only made available in the context of the closing event, can be taken apart and reconstructed as a pop-up exhibition in a private setting.

Comments of the nominators

A communicative concept that is convincing in itself, one that focuses on an exhibition about an attitude, and popularises and publicises it in a fascinating and indeed participational way. The overprinted posters with their two layers – the original poster and the new imprint – put across an exceedingly stimulating, entertaining and surprising message, giving expression in an original way to the thematic focus of the project.