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Fashion Design



Stefanie Biggel


Amanda Camenisch


Oriana Tundo

Hair & Make-Up:

Daniela Koller



Consultancy & Textile Prints:

Klaus Jürgen Schmidt

Photo Assistant:

Nocolas Duc


Behind the fashion collection that bears the programmatic name HYSTERIA there stands a professional designer who, after four years spent working in the fashion circus of Paris and London, decided on a radical step – removing herself from the big fashion metropolises, and opting instead for the epicentre of the European crisis, Athens.

The collection is not seasonally based, and comprises outfits that are only made to order. For the designer, it marks an exit and a new beginning. It documents her personal deceleration and reconnection with quality. It arose as a reaction to her new environment and to the impressions and problems associated with it. It is based on contrasts, and uses techniques of collage and camouflage.

But HYSTERIA also draws inspiration from the different facets of what it means to be a woman – in dealing with the superfluity of information, the social media, collapse, end-of-the-world feelings, hysteria, sex. Important impulses were provided by the designer’s on-going partnership with the textile artist Klaus Jürgen Schmidt, which makes itself felt in some of the prints.

Comments of the nominators

The world of fashion is currently undergoing radical transformation. And there can be no doubt that it is a tricky and in many respects problematical field to work in. There is a lot of criticism and complaint, but very little gets done. Now Stefanie Biggel has finally shown that it is possible to draw conclusions, and look for new ways of making and marketing fashion on the basis of a different conceptual approach. This is courageous and deserving of respect and support.