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Fashion Design



Julian Zigerli – Head of Design

Stephanie Kamber – Production Manager
Anja Brühlmann – Sales Manager
Regula Büchel – Print Design Collaborator
Rebecca Ammann – Assistant
Lucie Guiragossian – Intern

Joanna Wyss – Intern

Bag design in collaboration with:



Julian Zigerli’s spring and summer collection for 2017, Sorry, is his twelfth, and the first in which he has included styles for women. A wide range of articles of clothing gives rise to a comprehensive all-round assortment. Sorry, Zigerli says, stands for “all the things for which we should be sorry and should not be sorry”. But we have to do here with quite harmless peccadilloes, so the suggestion of an apology is in fact not seriously meant at all. In the end, consistently enough, the motto emerges as: Sorry, not sorry, never sorry.

In keeping with this airy utterance, the materials chosen for the collection have a light summery touch: lots of linen, thin cotton, denim-coloured knits. Cooperation with other designers and artists for the creation of textile prints is one of Zigerli’s trademarks. This time he has worked with Zurich product designer Regula Büchel. With the help of a 3D animation program they have developed flower and cloud prints – suitable symbols for that carelessly ironic Sorry. The bags on the other hand, made of reflective nylon, were created in partnership with the sought-after label QWSTION.

Comments of the nominators

Julian Zigerli has won great national and international acclaim in recent years. To look no further, he has featured more than once on Design Prize Switzerland. Without any doubt, he is one of the most important representatives of the young and contemporary Swiss fashion scene, offering men in particular a stylistic alternative that does not disguise the wearer. Even if his styles may perhaps have become a shade more commercial – as is only understandable – his fashions remain fresh, fun, sexy and original.