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Furniture Design


WEDA Bench

The WEDA bench series sees itself as being the reinterpretation of a traditional type of furniture, which has lost nothing of its attractiveness and surprises with its conspicuous length. Even if it has been developed in the first instance for a number of people to sit together at table, it can be used just as effectively in isolation – in an entry area or waiting room. In spite of its maximum length of 2.4 metres, the aim was to keep the bench lightweight and so make it easy to shift. It thus consists of an elaborately structured frame in massive wood – a choice of oak, walnut or ash – which nonetheless makes a delicate impression, while the one-piece seating surface, rounded at the sides, as well as the optional narrow back – with rounded ends suggesting the arm of a chair –, has a 40-mm layer of light upholstery, making the bench comfortable to sit on without compromising its optical lightness. The form of the backrest at the same time provides a frame for a seated group.

Comments of the nominators

WEDA fathoms the potential of a type of furniture used relatively rarely in today’s interiors in a novel way. Thanks to the different materials and colours proposed and the optional backrest, the bench is suitable for various kinds of use either in a private domestic setting or in the contract sector. A major contribution is made by the quality of the workmanship.