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Furniture Design



Hypercollection is a modular structured furniture system, specially designed for use in the modern open-plan office. It is suitable for demarcating specific working areas, without screening them off from the main area completely. Hypercollection combines a wealth of variety with flexibility, and has been developed with a view to industrial serial production. The system consists of relatively few elements: thin, painted stainless steel tubes for the support structure, and coated plates of SwissCDF – Compact Density Fibreboard – as the basis for horizontal areas like table tops and shelves. In the case of armchairs, foam materials and textile covers have been added. The colours of all elements can be specified by the customer. The central feature of the furniture system is the connecting elements going by the name of “Hyperlink”. These come in four different variants, and serve to hold the generally simple structures together. To assemble the furniture, all you need is an Allen key.

Comments of the nominators

A convincing and contemporary response to the furnishing needs of the modern office. The simplicity of the system, which comes across as aesthetically neutral but still makes a fresh impression, allows for flexibility and ease of adaptation. Thanks to the consistency of the design, economical serial production looks to be a real possibility.