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Furniture Design



The Ovolo writing table seems to have been conceived as a mixture of a lectern and a bureau. It consists of a table top supported by wooden legs arranged in a V shape, and a slightly angled back wall measuring a good 20 centimetres in height, these being structurally linked with one another by two wooden elements that fill the function of bookends. The table top and magnetic back wall are covered on both sides with an unbroken piece of linoleum, in such a way that a hollow or gutter is formed in the corner, offering a surface for the accommodation of writing implements and other equipment. Spaces are left for cables below the bookends, which serve to structure the working area while also providing a certain degree of privacy. The carefully chosen colours in keeping with the materials – a grey-blue for the linoleum and dark brown for the wooden elements, made of oiled fumed oak – are intended to give a dignified and timeless appearance.

Comments of the nominators

A well thought-out design in every respect, consistently and professionally realised. The idea of providing a visual link between the table top and back wall by means of a double linoleum surface seems novel and original. Practical benefits are offered by the hollow created in the angle and the magnet that comes supplied with the back wall. The detachable table legs make for ease of transport.