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Product – Consumer Goods




Monika Fink, Sandra Kaufmann

In Collaboration with:

Hammer, Atelier Hans Hansen, Eric Hattler, Marlyse Flückiger,
Jérôme Perrot, Cynthia Domfe, Yi Salomo, Barbara Fischer,
Julia Besewski, Marion Hermann


The Zurich spectacles label SOL SOL ITO was established in 2012. Behind it are two lady designers who have already achieved major success and acclaim in this field. They see their new label, which unites Swiss fine mechanics with the contemporary spirit of urban living, as belonging to a tradition which relies on the combination of supreme quality and understatement.

Models of the SOL SOL ITO collection come in exclusive small series of fifty at a time. They consist of four components: the spectacle frames, made of shiny and highly polished acetate; the coloured double steel arms, designed so they can be replaced; the original, screwless arm hinges (which have been registered for a patent); and the functional silicon tubes, which carry the label imprint and so serve as a style-defining element. Above all thanks to the sophisticated hinges, the label boasts a notable unique selling point in a very competitive market and so can claim to be a highly recognisable brand.

Comments of the nominators

The SOL SOL ITO collection promises high quality, and meets this promise in every way. The cleverly designed and effective hinges of the arms can be regarded as a real innovation. The spectacles are comfortable to wear, and impress with their fully independent, courageous and at the same time contemporary look.