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Aebi Terratrac TT281
Hang Geräteträger

The Aebi Terratrac Mountain Tractor, which was specially developed for working on steep and irregular mountain slopes, is among the icons of Swiss agricultural machinery. The characteristic feature of the equipment carrier, which has been produced since the 1970s, is the asymmetrical structure of its bodywork. Locating the engine next to the driver’s cabin made it possible to keep the vehicle’s centre of gravity close to the ground. The TT281 is the latest version of this tractor, which is marketed worldwide.

The design of the bodywork shows three horizontal layers, which lie along the slope like parallel bands and make the low-slung centre of gravity of the vehicle visually conspicuous. The lower level is made up of the grey chassis, including the engine. The middle, red layer separates the body from the cabin and lies along the vehicle like a dynamic band over which the cabin seems to hover. While optically extending the length of the vehicle, the red band results in a compact all-round impression and radiates robustness.

Comments of the nominators

A successful further development, and modernisation in design terms, of a proven and admirable agricultural machine. The form and the colour effectively underline the low centre of gravity of the vehicle. The bodywork makes a robust and compact impression, but at the same time suggests lightness and elasticity. The design combines typical Swiss simplicity with contemporary dynamism.