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Product – Investment Goods



FluidSolids AG

Beat Karrer – Founder and CEO,

Designer SDA

Philippe Jacot – R&D,

Dipl. Designer BA

Dr. Francesca Tancini – R&D,

Marc Bernold – Production,

Polymechanic EFZ

Daniel Schneider – Operations,

Dipl. Sales Coordinator ifks


FluidSolids® is a composite material, developed in Switzerland, with outstanding ecological and physical properties. It consists of industrial waste from renewable raw materials. But by contrast with other bioplastics, no foodstuffs are used to produce it. FluidSolids® is non-toxic, odourless, gives off no emissions and has a minimal CO2 footprint. Its stability, concentration, elasticity, water resistance, surface texture and colour can be varied in keeping with the needs of the given application. The material can be processed using standard methods of industrial mass production – compression moulding, injection moulding or extrusion. Consequently FluidSolids® can be recommended for numerous products that are still being made today from metal, wood and above all from petroleum-based plastics. Thanks to its biological degradability, the material contributes to alleviation of the global plastic waste problem.

Comments of the nominators

FluidSolids® has already been nominated for Design Prize Switzerland. At that time the highly promising start-up company was still in the research and development phase. Now they have come a crucial step further. The material makes an excellent impression in a great many respects. It is already being used in industry, and without doubt holds great future potential