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Rado Star Prize Switzerland
for Young Talents – Spatial Design


Milvus Milvus

Martin Noël, Tibo Smith

EPFL – École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne
ALICE – Atelier de la conception de l’espace
IBOIS – Laboratory for timber constructions



Mobility and the nomadic lifestyle have been popular themes with design college graduates for many years. While the focus of interest has generally been on the modern urban nomad with his frequent changes of location and apartment, the EPFL diploma project of Martin Noël and Thibault Smith is a response to the needs of a nomadic life that is as traditional as it is down-to-earth, one of a migrant shepherd who travels through the Swiss plains with his herd in winter. The proposed solution is a wagon consisting of three wooden boxes which can be drawn by a donkey. During rest stops, the boxes, which are taken apart and opened with the donkey’s help, contain everything a shepherd needs for daily life: kitchen, shower, table, chair, bed, wood stove and weather protection in the form of a tent.

Comments of the nominators

This concept of “mobile architecture” has been developed for a profession that has almost died out in our society, that of the shepherd. It combines a classic design assignment with contemporary requirements of simplicity and sustainability. This stimulates interest and lends the work a particular relevance. In design terms, the project has been well thought out. The realisation is convincing, both in structural and in formal respects.