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Rado Star Prize Switzerland
for Young Talents – Textile Design



Clothing and fashion are generally perceived for the most part in terms of their visual qualities. Selina Peyer’s BA project at the Lucerne School of Art and Design bears the expressive title “begreifbar” – “graspable” – and it is dedicated to the aim of shifting the haptic properties of clothing into the limelight. Inspired by the highly developed sense of touch of blind people, Peyer has developed a knitted collection in which the visual and haptic properties are linked together and reinforce each other mutually. The collection is based on a fixed coding of colours and materials which makes it possible even for non-seeing persons to deduce the appearance of the clothes. Starting from eight different colour shades, each having a specific material and processing technique allocated to it, she has created surface structures that can be clearly distinguished from one another, and relief-like patterns which ensure that the clothes will be “readable” in a multisensory way.

Comments of the nominators

In that it focuses on clothing in its threedimensional aspects, this project is “sensational” in the most literal sense. It highlights different paths for the aesthetically consistent incorporation of haptic qualities in design. The examples presented are like a taster demonstrating the development potential of this kind of approach.