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Spatial Design


Wandbild «Lebensräume und ihre Bewohner»,
Naturmuseum St.Gallen

Design process and illustration:

Julia Marti

In collaboration with:

2nd West – Scenography

Bivgrafik – Exhibition graphics


Hochbauamt Stadt St.Gallen

Paint work:

Fontana & Fontana



The project comprises the scenographic development process, together with the conception and realisation, of an illustrative mural for the exhibition area “living spaces and their inhabitants” in the new Natural History Museum of St.Gallen, which opened in 2016. The 400-square metre hall, which at the same time constitutes the heart and centre of the museum, offers a presentation of the flora and fauna of Eastern Switzerland. The mural was created in a work project extending over several years, comprising both research on the content, development of suitable pictorial ideas and guidance for the painters. The picture covers three walls, is 50 metres in length and reaches a height of up to eight metres. A spatial illusion is created by some 50 stuffed animals and six dioramas distributed around the hall in a realistic context. The display thus succeeds in being both instructive and atmospheric.

Comments of the nominators

The graphic appeal of this mural makes a fresh and contemporary impression. It is informative and at the same time not lacking in poetic quality. With all the scenography that is involved, it offers visitors a realistic and feeling-charged experience. The result is as surprising as it is convincing, based on the exemplary interaction of the project partners who contributed to this exhibition – museum staff, architects, scenographers, graphic artists and illustrators.