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SwissEnergy Lighting Prize




RIBAG Design Studio

Pascal Amacker, Andreas Richner, Mario Siegrist


The catalyst for the development of the VERTICO lamp family was the need for efficiently flexible illumination capable of responding quickly and simply to changing requirements. The outcome was a lamp based on modern LED technology with a variable angle of beam and adjustable colour, which in view of its restrained and rectilinear design can be used in practically any kind of setting. The centrepiece of the lamp – which has been designed in a number of variants, functioning either as a pendant luminaire or as a surface-mounted, recessed, profile or track-mounted spotlight –, is a sophisticated adjustment mechanism which was specially developed for VERTICO. With the help of a top-quality glass lens, this provides variable illumination which is always evenly regulated and minimises light loss. To the outward eye the mechanism is a rotating focus ring which incorporates a lens. This is the characteristic design and functional element of the VERTICO lamp, and is common to all variants.

Comments of the nominators

An interesting approach, one that makes a consistent impression and has been realised at a technically high level. The simple, almost classical form of the lamp ensures its suitability for a wide range of uses. An innovative “zoom lens”  – this is just what the lamp head looks like –, here referred to as a focus ring, forms the basis for adjusting the light cone in practical application so that it meets requirements exactly. Notwithstanding this zoom function and a high CRI colour rendering quality, the lamp’s efficiency remains high (80 lm/W) and meets Minergy criteria.