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SwissEnergy Lighting Prize




Inhouse design and development

Lukas Niederberger, Gabriel Baltensweiler

David Schäublin, Cyrill Herger


The FEZ standard lamp combines a fundamentally solid structure, incorporating sophisticated mechanical solutions, with the most up-to-date LED-based lighting technology.

The most conspicuous feature of the emphatically rectilinear and minimalist luminaire is a reflector in the shape of a truncated cone, which carries a faint suggestion of the ancient oriental headwear that gives the lamp its name. Entirely made of aluminium, FEZ consists of three elements: a round base with an integrated cable compartment, an upright component anchored peripherally to the base unit and incorporating a telescopic rod system for vertical adjustment, and a lamp head that can be adjusted through 360 degrees and is provided with slits for the purpose.

The lamp has a strong direct light source, along with the optional addition of indirect illumination. Being equipped with two powerful LEDs, it can provide enough light to illuminate a room. While the main switch (which at the same time functions as a dimmer) is located on the upright, the indirect light is operated by a switch on the reflector.

Comments of the nominators

The design of this extremely versatile lamp designed for domestic use is convincing in its synthesis of simplicity and charm. The detailed structural solutions and lighting technology features are outstanding. In spite of its low power consumption of just 38 watt, the FEZ boasts impressively high energy efficiency as witnessed by the high light output of 3700 lumens. It is ideally suitable as a replacement for indirect-beam halogen luminaires with 300 watt lamps. The lamp meets the stringent Minergy requirements.

Comments oby the Jury

Located in Lucerne, the Baltensweiler lighting factory is one of those companies which make Switzerland the envy of the world. For something like six decades now, the family firm has stood for a unique combination of stylistically assured contemporary design with outstanding product quality. The new FEZ standard lamp confirms the excellent reputation of the brand yet again. It combines the most modern lighting technology with a classically appealing form, and its energy efficiency is as impressive as are its sophisticated mechanisms and well-considered detailed solutions. In the best and most comprehensive sense of the word, the FEZ lamp is the archetypal sustainable product.