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Textile Design


Embroidered Sunrises

Bischoff Textil AG

Wild Bär Heule Architekten AG


R. DeLagenest, G.Francioso, D. Rygula, K. Zurbuchen, U. Reinprecht, I.Heule

In collaboration with:

IGS – Innovationsgesellschaft Stickerei AG, 
ag möbelfabrik horgenglarus, 
Sitag AG

Supported by:

Kommission für Technologie und Innovation KTI


Luxurious haute couture embroidery meets modernistic architecture – that would be a way of summing up this embroidered blinds product. Initiated by the Zurich architects’ office Wild Bär Heule and realised by Bischoff Textil St.Gallen, the idea consisted in embellishing the modest rectilinear architecture of a domestic dwelling while at the same time fulfilling the practical function of solar protection. In realising the embroidered blinds, the project had to surmount a number of obstacles. First of all it was important to select a suitable and sufficiently concentrated pattern that would be in keeping with the architecture. Then an appropriate basic material for the embroidery had to be chosen. And lastly the blinds were subjected to an elaborate chemical process to make them water-repellent and resistant to mildew, ensuring that they would be able to withstand all weather conditions. The added value of embroidered blinds is that they offer effective protection against light while at the same time offering an enchanting play of light and shade in the room.

Comments of the nominators

Solar blinds are generally a faceless fact of life – but this project transforms them into an exciting element of internal and external architecture. The embroidered blinds meet aesthetic expectations, without falling into the trap of “prettification”. This global innovation opens up new business opportunities for the craft of embroidery which has long been a tradition in Eastern Switzerland.