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Sub Categories

  • Graphic

  • Publishing

  • New Media

  • Interaction Design, Games, Serious Games

  • Corporate Identity & Corporate Design, Branding

  • Integrated Communication Campaigns

  • Exhibitions

  • UX Design

The assessment criteria include the following:

  • Communication value, message

  • Expressiveness

  • Realisation

  • Media application(s)

  • Focus on a target group

Edition Unik

Pixel, Patch und Pattern –

Politische Plakate

SVA Zürich,
der IV-Stelle

Sub Categories

  • Development of spatial structures in combination with social

  • Converting existing homes for self-determined living and life for the elderly
  • Residential, living and community living concepts for the phases of life between a self-determined move and the transition to a care home environment
  • Concepts of community living for the elderly and trans-generational living
  • Living environment: residential, district and urban development with focus on social exchange, social integration, care and services that support living at home

  • Forms of living with support, care and nursing (excluding hospitals)

Against the background of age-related, demographic change, new ways of living are emerging, which place new requirements on living and life for the elderly. Implemented solutions and services as well as applied research work and feasible concepts are being sought from the fields named beside.

In this prize category the experts will nominate active designers, companies and institutions with corresponding research results, solutions that are to be implemented or have been implemented can recommend their work for nomination.

The assessment criteria include the following:

  • Accessibility and affordability of contemporary housing and care institution solutions

  • Architectural concepts and settlement. Indoors and outdoors as living areas

  • Spatial and social structures

  • Accessibility and aesthetics as integrating elements

  • Health-promoting aspects such as light, colour, textiles, materials, haptics

  • Housing for people with specific care needs (e.g. dementia)

  • Technical solutions and usability for home, social networking, supply and security

  • Living feeling, comfort, cosiness and health-promoting aspects such as colour, light, materialisation and orientation

Begegnungszentrum Chileweg Rain

Neubau und Erweiterung
Konzept und Gebäude
Generationenhaus Neubad, Basel

Society Vicino Luzern

Sub Categories

Design Driven Solutions for Consumer Goods, Applying or Inventing Energy-Efficient Technologies

  • Consumer Goods - e.g. home appliances, lighting products, others

  • Marketable Projects, Concepts and Prototypes based on a Proof of Concept

  • Applying or Inventing Solutions, Technologies and Services Enabling Increased Energy-Efficiency

  • Applied Research & Development

The assessment criteria include the following:

Prizes will be awarded to products, projects and services from all sectors, which thanks to the design processes and/or good design compared with other conventional solutions on the market, markedly increase energy efficiency and therefore have the potential to save significant amounts of energy on the market.

Use in operation is to be compared with previous energy consumption, i.e. consumption of a current conventional product on the market, which is regarded as energy efficient, over a year for the same benefits. It is subdivided into electricity, combustible fuels and propellants.

In addition, it should be indicated how much energy is required to produce a product or project. This means the so-called grey energy of energy consumption in production for the market.

predictive heat device

Piëch Mark Zero

Social Power

Sub Categories

  • Fashion Design

The assessment criteria include the following:

  • Creativity, appeal and comfort

  • Innovation and stringency

  • Use of materials

  • Technology and processing



[ savoar fer ] ss19 Repairing

Sub Categories

  • Furniture


The assessment criteria include the following:

  • Form and function

  • Materials and processing

  • Product culture and social relevance

  • Environmental and ergonomic aspects


Easy Aluminium

Limbic Chair

Business Lounge Program

Sub Categories

  • Consumer Goods at Large

  • Home Appliances

  • Kitchen and Bath

  • Watches, Jewellery, Accessories

  • Shoes, Bags

  • Lighting

  • Healthcare

The assessment criteria include the following:

  • Function, form, usefulness and innovative aspects

  • Use of materials and processing

  • Development process and sustainability

  • Product culture and social relevance


CARU Smart Sensor


Sub Categories

  • Technical Goods for the Industry

  • Machines

  • Investment Goods

  • Medtech

  • Microelectronics

  • ToolingTransportation

  • Materials

  • Others


The assessment criteria include the following:

  • Function, form, usefulness and efficiency

  • Use of materials and processing

  • Economic and ecological aspects

  • Development process


dormakaba ARGUS

Lecureux Handsetter



Sub Categories

  • Communication

  • Fashion

  • Furniture

  • Interdisciplinary

  • Product Design

  • Research

  • Spatial

  • Textile

The assessment criteria include the following:

The prize is aimed at talented designers of the younger generation:

These include professionals from all design institutes who have completed a course in Design or in a design-related subject within the last three years.

Submissions may include products, projects, concepts and prototypes

  • which have been conceived, designed or produced as original creations

  • which have been developed as limited editions or commissioned works for institutes or galleries.

The following are excluded:

  • Commissioned works for commercial brands

  • Watches and clocks

Submissions for the competition must, as a minimum requirement, include a finalised and presentable concept.


something from something

Genoma Grotesk –

Static typography is over

Hot Wire Extensions

Narr – das narrativistische


Shizuka Saito

So Male

Suspended Bodies

That Will Never Fall

The Drinking Hydrant

The Reagiro

Sub Categories

  • Research projects across all disciplines

The assessment criteria include the following:

Awarded to projects in the field of applied design research, design theory and design history which are notable for their innovative methods and/or conclusions and which enrich design discourse and/or establish new fundamental principles.


Age Lab –

Design for Transitions

to Elderly Care Homes

The Sausage of the Future

Sub Categories

  • Interior Conepts

  • Retail / Shop

  • Exhibitions

  • Scenography

  • Stage Design

The assessment criteria include the following:

  • Programme and context

  • Use of materials

  • Communication value


Kraftwerk Zürich Selnau


Sub Categories

  • Fashion

  • Textile

The prize is awarded to start-up companies founded within the last five years previous to the current edition of DPS:

The following assessment criteria apply:

  • Design quality and stringency of products and collections to date

  • Brand and product design:
  • USP and unique identity
  • Branding
  • Marketing & communication
  • Retail / point-of-sales presentation

  • Social relevance

  • Sustainable approach

  • Businessplan

  • Milestones achieved or to be achieved in the coming three years in terms of the business model (brand, design, production and sales)

Dagsmejan –

Sleep Smart. Dream Big



SwissFlax GmbH –

Renaissance des Schweizer Flachs

Sub Categories

  • Yarn, Twines, Threads, Ribbons, Bands

  • Ropes / Cord

  • Textile Surface Structures; Fabric, Flooring

  • Carpets

  • Embroidery

  • Textile Refinement Processes

  • Fiber Reinforced Textiles

  • Medical Textiles

The assessment criteria include the following:

  • Technologies used

  • Material combinations

  • Expressive of the spirit of the timesInnovation

  • Innovation

  • Functionality

Bananatex® by QWSTION

Serge Ferrari –

Stamisol Safe One

weba Limitless