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Communication Design


Edition Unik

Heller Enterprises:

Frerk Froböse, Janine Meyer, Atalja Reichlin, Martin Heller, Maria Tschudi



Raffinerie AG für Gestaltung, Zürich; Bubu AG, Mönchaltorf; Feinheit AG, Zürich; SCC Kommunikation AG, Zürich; Mariana Pote & Fabrice Spahn (ZHdK Interaction Design)

Edition Unik is a cultural project initiated by Heller Enterprises, Zurich and implemented with several partners. It is geared towards people in the second half of their lives, who would like to write down their personal history and make a book out of these recollections. Edition Unik offers various means of support for this and brings two components together that are normally separated from each other into a joint experience: a writing course setting and a self-publishing platform. This enables the participants to write their life stories in a unique way and design a book from their memories – an individually moving experience. An individual writing programme and a strict timetable support the participants from the first sentence to the finished product. People write their texts in Edition Unik without specifications regarding content. The books created on this basis are considered to be for personal requirements and not for sale on the book market. The enjoyment of the high-quality book that has been drafted with an automated layout is in the foreground.

Comments of the nominators

This wide-ranging and exciting non-profit project impresses with its sophisticated, well thought-out basic concept, social relevance, practice-related approach, strong social components and appropriate design implementation.