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Communication Design


Pixel, Patch und Pattern –

Team Design:

S/W Design, Zürich: Rüdiger Schlömer, Linda Suter




Verlag Hermann Schmidt, Mainz: Karin und Bertram Schmidt-Friderichs + Team: Lisa Bartelmeß, Lina Himpel, Sandra Mulitze, Brigitte Raab, Clara Scheffler, Jutta Schober, Birgit Severin


Team Supplier:

Lang Yarns, Lang & Co. AG, Reiden: Jakob Lang,

Katja Läuppi; Gustav Selter Gmbh & Co. KG, Altena;

Beltz Grafische Betriebe, Bad Langensalza

Pixel, Patch und Pattern – Typeknitting is the title of a publication by Rüdiger Schlömer, which is intended for two very different social groupings: for people who enjoy knitting and for those, who like to become involved with typography or typeface design. The book is structured methodically and is a step-by-step introduction to the various options of letter knitting. It explains various techniques, which can be used to make cushions, hats, pullovers, gloves, scarves or blankets into written media. The lettering of type foundries such as Bold Monday, Emigre and Lineto, which were converted into typo knitting patterns, can be used as a sample alphabet. In addition to the prototype collection of methods, the book also offers space for individual experiments and further developments. Typeknitting is legible as an investigation into the relationship between analogue and digital and in doing so in the blink of an eye points to initially surprising, structural parallels between knitting techniques and lettering design.

Comments of the nominators

Even if DIY is currently very popular: The idea of combining knitting and typography with each other is something one would normally not come up with. The author is successful in a convincing way of making an approach that initially appears unthinkable into something plausible. The appealing design of the publication is related to real life and easily imparts fundamental knowledge both about knitting techniques as well as typography.