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Communication Design


Politische Plakate


Schweizerischer Gewerkschaftsbund; Komitee Dringender Aufruf; Allianz für eine starke AHV; Paul Rechsteiner

Team Design:

Kerstin Landis, Jonas Voegeli


Over the last few years the range of political posters handed in here occurred as a result of national elections and voting or as a call to demonstrate. Studio Hubertus Design based in Zurich wanted to develop an innovative design of posters in the political discussion and in doing so find an iconographic perspective. The campaigns structured in accordance with the traditional rules of poster art are eye-catching because of the form of their simple, powerfully implemented messages, which set an example in the public arena and have a striking effect in the best sense of the word. Pictorial typography is used as a central form of design expression, in the way that it has repeatedly played a major role in the tradition of Swiss graphics. The poster campaigns, which were largely financed through crowdfunding, do reflect the commitment of the designers in terms of civil society and politics.

Comments of the nominators

The merging of image and typography, with the aim of formulating a message as concisely and simply as possible, has a long tradition in Swiss poster art. In the series of political posters presented here, updating this approach in a contemporary manner and making it descriptive in its undiminished sphere of influence has been successful. These posters are also implicitly directed against a brutalisation of the political image culture, which is manifesting itself in increasingly aggressive visual language characterised by resentment.