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Energy Efficiency Prize


predictive heat device

Oblo is a heat regulation system for living spaces designed by Atelier R2D2 and Luciano Dell’Orefice, which reacts to weather forecasts for the next five days as well as to electricity tariffs in order to balance out the disadvantageous inactivity of today’s heating systems. Much more heat is produced sufficiently often because of inflexible thermostat settings than is actually required. With the help of Oblo’s forecasting system, energy savings of between 15 and 20% can be achieved. Oblo consists of three components. Oblo Base is a control unit, which is connected to the heating system and the Internet, from which weather data and information about the electricity price are obtained. It calculates the heating output required for the heating using an algorithm it has developed itself on the basis of the relevant data. Oblo Casa is a display intended for living spaces, which operates like a barometer and provides weather information to residents via pictograms. The Oblo App enables the system to be controlled and offers information about energy requirements and costs.

Comments of the nominators

An interesting and very promising approach, which has the potential for a substantial reduction in energy consumption. The proposed system of an intelligent, forward-looking heating control, which is based on weather forecasts downloaded via the Internet, appears plausible and practical. If the costs for buying Oblo can be kept moderate, then the system should have a real opportunity on the market.