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Energy Efficiency Prize


Piëch Mark Zero


Toni Piëch, Rea Stark Rajcic, Laszlo Varga


Klaus Schmidt, Nicolas Allain


The Piëch Mark Zero developed by the Piëch Automotiv Group, a Swiss-German company, makes the claim of transporting “the fun of driving a puristic sports car into the electric age”. The technological innovations, which are associated with the latter, are even more exciting than the external appearance of the car that caused a sensation and is expected to go into series production in 2022. Revolutionary new battery cells, which can be charged to 80% in only five minutes, take centre stage as they are subject to only minor thermal changes despite extremely high charging and discharge currents. The resulting more efficient energy recovery when braking enables smaller battery packages to be used, which in turn reduces the weight of the cars and their energy requirements. The modular vehicle architecture with an aluminium frame structure is also ground-breaking. It’s designed as an open, flexible platform, which can chiefly be used for various drive technologies and forms of bodywork.

Comments of the nominators

The current status of the Piëch Mark Zero represents a genuine cutting-edge innovation, which is likely to have a long-term influence on the future of electric mobility. There is the prospect that the technology, which was developed for this sports car, will soon also be available for other vehicle categories.

Comments of the jury

The Piëch Mark Zero, which is in an advanced stage of development and will go into series production in a few years, is without doubt an extraordinarily beautiful car that already stands out from the normal expectations of an electric vehicle becuase of its construction. However, what looks like a luxury toy for the happy few at first glance, on closer inspection turns out to be a potential milestone in the development of electric mobility and car construction, which deserves great consideration and recognition. On the one hand, this is the result of revolutionary new battery technology, which stands out becuase of its extremely short charging times – as confirmed by independent institutions –, making it way ahead of the current established solutions. On the other hand, it is because of the innovative modular vehicle architecture, which can be transferred to other vehicle categories and permits a rational manufacturing method. This leads to the hope that through the new technical developments prompted by the Piëch Mark Zero, there will already be a widespread effect in the foreseeable future.