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Fashion Design


[ savoar fer ] ss19 Repairing

[ savoar fer ]:
Design: Eliane Heutschi
Assistant: Monika Willis
Photography: Mirjam Kluka
Communication: Aurelia Gualdo

Mentor: Patricia Lerat


Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode Défi France


[ savoar fer ] is a Paris-based brand of women’s clothing, which was founded in 2017 by the Swiss fashion designer Eliane Heutschi. The brand name is derived from the phonetic transcription of the French term “savoir-faire”, which can also be understood programmatically at the same time. This is because her fashion is centred on forgotten technical textile know-how in the context of iconic pieces such as the denim and the dinner jacket. The rediscovery and modern re-interpretation of traditional textile techniques, which have hardly been taken into consideration for a long time, are the central theme of the collection. In this connection, Heutschi talks almost poetically about an “enrichment of our epoch through its own past”. During periods when demands for transparency and the circular economy are becoming increasingly louder also in the fashion business, [ savoar fer ] identifies itself as “slow”. This means: Using fabrics made of offcuts, small series production in France, timeless fashion that can be worn over many seasons, appreciation of the intangible textile cultural heritage.

Comments of the nominators

Eliane Heutschi had already gained some experience in the world of fashion before she launched her own brand two years ago, which stands out because of its professionalism and a clear profile. The remarkable resonance regarding her collection provides evidence of her feeling for the fashion spirit of the times, which is also expressed in the return to handicraft.