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Furniture Design




Fabian Schwaerzler


Team Colos:

Roberto Cerantola, Michele Cerantola, Tiziano Barachino,
Joao Nogueira, Denis Carolo, Giacomo Madia, Natalino Veltri, Martina Vanzetto


The C1 chair designed by the designer Fabian Schwaerzler initially stands out as a result of its symbolically reduced shape. Contrary to some other seating that has a minimalistic effect, it is structured on ergonomically correct, comfortable sitting. Made completely of galvanised, powder-coated steel – steel tube for the base, steel sheet for the seating surface and back rest – it can be used both indoors and outdoors and can also be recycled without any problems at the end of its life cycle. Four different models and an unusually wide range of colours help to make it appear to fit into many design contexts. It can be stacked compactly in all four versions so the C1 is stored in a space-saving manner and can be dispatched with a transport volume that is reduced to a minimum. A sophisticated design, which aims to have low material usage and a rational high-quality automated production process, it enables the chair that is sold worldwide to be brought onto the market at a comparably very affordable price.

Comments of the nominators

The C1 impresses with its archetypical appearance, which in this case is not at the expense of functional qualities. The chair satisfies practically all the current requirements, which could be placed on such a piece of furniture. A few clever design solutions regarding details lead to a pleasantly competitive sales price.