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Furniture Design


Easy Aluminium

Team Design:

Egli Studio: Thibault Dussex, Yann Mathys



An iconic Swiss furniture brand; to be announced soon. 

Lightness with simultaneously high structural load-bearing capacity and weather resistance – these are some of the most important, advantageous features of aluminium for furniture construction. The designers from Egli Studio focus on these advantages, to which recyclability should also be added, when designing a construction system for outdoor tables, seating benches and stools with the name Easy Aluminium. The core of the system is formed by a component produced using a pressure die casting procedure that combines and holds together the extruded standard aluminium tubes, which are used for the horizontal surfaces of the furniture and the legs. This occurs via simple plug-screw connection, which is suitable for self-assembly of the furniture and enables it to be sent in flat packaging. The return to standard tube profiles is not only economical, but also means the lengths of the tables and benches can be adjusted to the relevant customer requirements.

Comments of the nominators

An original approach, which reconciles several design strategies and objectives. The use of standard profiles is economical and is intended to satisfy customer-specific dimension requests. Also the principle of self-assembly and the simple dispatch solution makes sense from an economic perspective. The project seems mature and has a real opportunity of finding an industrial partner for the aim of series production.