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Furniture Design


Business Lounge Program

Team Design:

atelier oï: Aurel Aebi, Armand Louis,
Patrick Reymond, Reto Ulrich, Guillaume Schweizer


Team Client:

Girsberger Holding AG: Thomas Gasser,

Mathias Seiler


Velum is the name of a modular, room-creating business lounge programme, which the furniture manufacturer Girsberger has developed together with atelier oï. The system was designed in particular for use in an open-space office. Here it enables flexible zoning of the room and therefore satisfies the growing requirement for comfort and privacy at work. Velum is chiefly composed of two components, which can be combined with each other in many different ways: a vertically designed, textile-covered panel and a seating section composed of back and seating upholstery, which can be linked together to create a two- or three-seater sofa if required. The most noticeable formal feature of the system is the structural frame made of solid oak, which makes a decisive contribution to its homely character and reflects the manufacturer’s expertise in wood. The programme is completed with a matching stool, side tables and desk.

Comments of the nominators

Fundamental innovations are very rare in the highly competitive market for office furniture systems. Velum is also not ready to take on anything there. Nevertheless this new carefully designed system appears to be a noteworthy supplement to the range. This is primarily the result of using oak for the load-bearing frame or sub-structure. The warm, homely impression, which Velum creates through the interplay between the curtain-like folded textile panels, gives the system a unique feature.