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Bólido Core is Swiss wristwatch with a mechanical movement designed by the designer Simon Husslein. It stands out through its independent, function-based design and an innovative watch case construction. The most eye-catching features of the watch are the watch case that is asymmetric in terms of height with its clock face leaning towards the wearer – intended to make it easier to read – and a strikingly large winding crown, which is not in the usual position to the right of the casing at 3 o’clock, but at the top in the middle at 12 o’clock – that is supposed to offer better protection against mechanical damage. An unconventional Monocoque construction is used to assemble the watch, with the clockwork being inserted together with the clock face and hands from the top into the watch case that is open at one side and sealed with a sapphire glass. This rational production method and the watch case manufacture with the assistance of an automatic lathe make the price very competitive for such a watch made in Switzerland.

Comments of the nominators

This watch is impressive on the one hand because of its exciting technical production innovation, which leads to a noticeable reduction in the manufacturing costs and on the other hand through its very unconventional design. As an overall package, Bólido is a good example of an intelligent business design. This is because it has been possible to create a new segment on the hard-fought market for watches with the “Swiss Made” label on the basis of this concept.