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CARU Smart Sensor

CARU Smart Sensor is an intelligent communication system for people, who are restricted by age and/or illness and have an increased requirement for safety. In simplified terms, this is a cross between a baby monitor, speech-controlled telephone and emergency button, which has been fitted with a large number of additional features. The device itself, whose compact shape reminds one of a plain porcelain jar, can be integrated discreetly and unobtrusively in almost every environment. Set to plug & play in the home, it collects data about temperature, noise levels, air quality and moisture among other things, learning from what is the normal behaviour of the user and identifies deviations, about which the trusted third party or service-provider such as Spitex are informed. A conscious decision was made to do without movement sensors and cameras to protect the person's private life. CARU can also be used via speech control or a simple touch to make a telephone connection or hear a message. This means it connects people both in their everyday lives as well as in emergency situations and therefore contributes to safety and well-being.

Comments of the nominators

People with a wide range of limitations and those closest to them are offered true added value with CARU. The device cleverly uses the options of today’s technology to satisfy the requirements of its users, without having an adverse effect on their private lives. The external appearance of the device combines discretion with simple operation. When tested in care situations, it has already been able to prove itself.

Comments of the jury

The CARU Smart Sensor is impressive on three levels. Firstly, through its very carefully and sensitively planned basic concept, which, on the basis of a genuine social need, always also takes aspects of data protection and private lives into account. Secondly, through its technical solution, which required a lot of know-how and extensive programming work and forms the basis for functional expansions. Thirdly, through the external shape, which combined functionality and the desire for unobtrusive appearance into a harmonious synthesis. With these properties, CARU supports people in living in their usual environment for as long as possible. Provided that the system works reliably and as planned in practice, then it should become a sensible companion in the lives of many people.