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Vior is a new type of ceiling light, fitted with only one point light source – a single LED – yet combining two kinds of light: one downlight directed to the floor and one ceiling light to illuminate the ceiling surface. The light developed by Ribag Licht AG in collaboration with Lichtlabor Bartenbach stands out as a result of the high energy efficiency and sophisticated light technology. While the bright direct light that shines downwards is steered by carefully calculated lenses, a micro-facet reflector with a complex surface geometry distributes the indirect light part homogeneously and flatly over the surface of the ceiling. This special lens reflector system that has been developed specifically for Vior has been registered for a patent.The extremely compact light body, which also appears to be of a high quality thanks to its transparent materials with an almost cylindrical basic shape, gives the room a design-based tone, but can be integrated into a very wide range of interiors without any problems.

Comments of the nominators

The basic concept of this innovative light, namely combining a downlight and ceiling light, seems interesting and sensible. Vior has actually enabled a new type of light to be invented. A highly professional product development and useful shape make a decisive contribution to the very positive overall impression of the light.