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dormakaba ARGUS

Access controls are now a permanent, unavoidable component of many office buildings – both in the private business or public sector. It was the main aim in the development of the Argus sensor barrier on the one hand to create a safe border and at the same time make a friendly welcome possible. Though its unpretentious shape, modular construction and individualised design options, the barriers can be integrated into various architectures. High-quality materials impart solidity. The integration of light and the glass door panels give a light visual appearance. The control through sensors works with the latest technology. The mechanics are hardly audible. Light indicators, which can be controlled via an app, guide visitors through the barrier area. For people in a wheelchair, a barrier-free passage with a width of 915 mm is envisaged, which can be reduced for groups and material transport to a width of 650 mm.

Comments of the nominators

There are many places where there simply have to be access controls, even if nobody particularly likes them. The Argus sensor barrier combines reliable mechanics and the latest sensor technology with a pleasantly discrete and simultaneously high-quality appearance. The formal straightforwardness of the design, which is emphasised by the selection of the material, facilitates the integration of the device in different architectural contexts.