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Lecureux Handsetter

Handsetter is a precision machine developed and manufactured in Switzerland, which is used in watch production. It places hour, minute and second hands as well as the hands of stop watches on the clock unit. A built-in camera enables the position and horizontal orientation of the individual hands to be checked to ensure correct assembly of the watch. The Handsetter is placed on the watchmaker’s table and is geared to the requirements of someone who works while sitting with regard to its ergonomic design. A carefully cut worktop made of solid beechwood gives a pleasant feel to the surface and offers the wrists a comfortable and secure place to rest. An asymmetrically arranged touch screen for the control functions makes it easier to read the information. Together with the rounded edges of the housing, it gives the machine both a characteristic and contemporary appearance at the same time.

Comments of the nominators

The design of this precision machine is already solved well and almost in textbook fashion. The design appears simple, practical, to the point, functional and contemporary. The selection of material appears appropriate and solid. The ergonomic requirements are satisfied convincingly. The high quality impression of the machine should be particularity appreciated by potential customers in view of the increasing number of visitors to watch makers.

Comments of the jury

The fact that a designer is involved in developing a special machine for watch making tends to be the exception rather than the rule. However, the extra investment has been worthwhile for the producers of this machine: the Handsetter makes an overall successful impression. Its design always appears oriented towards solutions and gives an impression of begin entirely self-evident. In addition, it gives the device something like identity and personality. Lastly, the ergonomic solution, which manifests itself in the carefully modelled wooden worktop, should be emphasised.