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Rado Star Prize Switzerland
for Young Talents

Communication Design


Genoma Grotesk –
Static typography is over

Team Design:

Robin Eberwein, Leoardo Angelucci,
Sylvain Esposito
(collaborator/thesis super-visor)


Bachelor Thesis at SUPSI – University of
Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland
Department for Environment Constructions and Design Bachelor of Arts SUPSI in Visual Communication


Genoma Grotesk is a variable screen font, which adjusts to its surroundings in real time. It was developed by Robin Eberwein as part of his Bachelor thesis at SUPSI in Canobbio, TI. The font is primarily designed for screen applications such as digital posters. Depending on the relevant light situation in the surroundings, its strength changes – from light-faced to bold or vice versa – in order to ensure there is always optimal legibility. The project underwent three work stages: First of all the font was digitalised so that 81 different weights could be worked out, which enable a smooth transition from light-faced to bold on the screen. The second step was to define and technically implement the interaction between the font strength and the surrounding brightness. Finally a video, an interactive website and various print products were created, which are for the presentation and documentation of the project. Additional applications for Genoma Grotesk are being considered in the field of entertainment and marketing.

Comments of the nominators

Genoma Grotesk is an excellent Bachelor thesis project, which impresses in every aspect – the idea, design and technical implementation, presentation form and potential practical applicability. An exemplary fundamental work undertaken with a great deal of commitment, which offers exiting prospects for further developments – such as along the lines of a universal design, where a variable font could be used as an aid for people with decreasing sight.

Comments of the jury

The idea of a variable typography against the background of the technical development of screens over the last few years makes sense and appears absolutely urgent. Apart from this quality, the project impresses through the care, enormous effort and skilled confidence, with which it was carried out. The proposed and exemplary interaction achieved between the surrounding brightness and typography is convincing, even if the technical implementation of the software and hardware perhaps still needs to be refined. The greatest merit of Genoma Grotesk exists in the fact that with this fundamental work has defined a completely new, forward-looking area of work for visual design and contemporary typography. Something like this doesn’t succeed every day!