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Rado Star Prize Switzerland
for Young Talents

Furniture Design


Hot Wire Extensions

Hot Wire Extensions describes a new type of manufacturing process developed during research lasting four years, which creates solids out of linear structures. This process is based on nylon powder, which occurs as residue waste when operating SLS 3D printers – a material, which could so far not be recycled. Inside a square-shaped container a shape is initially defined from thin nichrome wire. Subsequently the container is filled with a mixture of used nylon powder and silicon sand. Electrical current is then directed into the shaped wires via a battery until they heat up to a temperature of approximately 300 degrees Celsius. Stimulated by the current, the powder-shaped material mixture accumulates in the container evenly around the wire structure and as a result of the heat melts into a permanently solid, bone-type compound, which becomes even thicker the longer the electricity flows through the wires. In order to research the design and technical potential of the process, so far a large number of experimental furniture items have been created, which have already been sold via galleries or to order. The aim is for serial production in the medium term.

Comments of the nominators

The production process developed over several years of dedicated work leaves a very strong impression. And not only because sensible products have been created from “waste”. The volume-emphasised stylistic elements of the items, which are the result of the production process, are attractive and radiate a new type of aesthetic quality.