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Rado Star Prize Switzerland
for Young Talents

Product Design


The Reagiro

Reagiro is a completely new type of manually operated wheelchair: Thanks to a mechanism that has been registered for a patent, the vehicle developed by the designer Reto Togni can be steered by leaning the upper body sideways. A flexible back rest that accommodates this body movement transfers the impulse to the small front wheels, which – depending on the angle of the upper body lean – trigger more or less powerful cornering. This facilities a natural and dynamic experience of movement, which promotes a close, body-hugging connection between the wheel-chair and the user. In a large number of test rides for people with different types of paraplegia, it has been shown that steering the wheelchair via the movement of the upper body is fun, imparts a zest for life and a feeling of freedom. In addition, a trip with the Reagiro provides a therapeutic effect: it strengthens the muscles in the body and at the same time relieves overloaded hands. In the meantime, the concept of the Reagiro has prompted additional scientific research projects, in which a well-known industrial partner is also involved.

Comments of the nominators

An extremely exciting and very promising project, for which one can only wish that it overcomes the high hurdles for series production. It illustrates an example of the potential of a problem-oriented and overall design approach.