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Spatial Design



Team Design:

Atelier Poisson: Giorgio Pesce, Marie Cajka, Séverine Dolt, Adélaïde Neveu, Nicolas Jodry avec Daniel Cocchi et Francesco Panese; Photos: Régis Golay / Federal Studio; Installation Artistique:
Christian Gonzenbach


Team Client:

Les quatre musées de Science du Palais de Rumine (Monétaire/Zoologie/Géologie/Archéologie
& Histoire): Jiulia Genechesi, Michel Sartori, Gilles Borel, Lionel Pernet

Main Suppliers:

menuiseries Actoform et Fabien Pont; enseignes impressions expo: MakroArt; Lumières: Ateliers du Colonel; imprimerie: Graphicom; Sérigraphie Uldry

Cosmos is the title of an exhibition project, which was implemented in 2018 in the Palais de Rumine in Lausanne. The four museums located there – for zoology, geology, archaeology & history, and monetary – came together for the first time in their history to put on a joint show. Atelier Poisson was instructed with the design, the setting of the exhibition and the co-curating part with the four museums. The designers also took over the catalogue design and external communications. The exhibits came from the well-stocked collections of the museums and many had never been on display to the public up to that point. Inspired by the “cabinets of wonder” that were popular in the Renaissance and that are now regarded as the incubator of the museum, Atelier Poisson designed the exhibition around 12 topic blocks. The main idea of creating compositions between pieces from different collections showed that each object can be seen through different angles and perceived from various scientific aspects. Equally unconventional and varied forms of presentation enabled the items to be seen in a new light and to awaken the curiosity of the visitors.

Comments of the nominators

This exhibition project is impressive as an overall package and shows that the exhibits from very different areas are connected in often unexpected and exciting ways. Atelier Poisson has more than justified the idea of a joint presentation by the museums in the Palais de Rumine with a convincing concept and an exciting spatial design. The catalogue and the integrated communications strategy are also worth mentioning.

Comments of the jury

Here an extremely complex, interdisciplinary exhibition project has been implemented in an equally ambitious as well as professional manner. This shows: Items, which only a few specialists normally warm to, can become magnets for the public if they are placed in intelligent settings and in an exciting context. The pleasing visitor numbers confirm the relevance and quality of the exhibition concept. In Lausanne the success of COSMOS has reinvigorated the discussion about the future of the Palais de Rumine and its museums. That alone is a great achievement.