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Swiss Textiles Prize for 
Fashion and Textile Start-ups


Jacket by erfolg label AG

SwissFlax GmbH –
Renaissance des Schweizer Flachs


Marcel Meister, Hans Haslebacher, Hans Ramseier,
Adrian Brügger, Fritz Studer, Peter Steffen, Dominik Füglistaller



Traxler AG: Label erfolg, Lanz-Anliker AG: Label Königliches, Möbel Pfister: Vorhänge, Rigotex AG: Küchentücher,Jenny Fabrics AG: Weben des Zwilchs, Bächi-Cord: Bindfaden, Zürcher Stalder AG: Retail, Mühle Landshut: Leinsamen,
Van de Bilt Zaden en Vlas: Brechen und Kammzug,
Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale: Spinnerei,
Tessanda Handweberei, Sattlerei Blaser GmbH,
Textil AG Huttwil: Strickerei, Paul Eggimann: Sattlerei, Mühle Kleeb AG: Backtücher, Schwob AG: Leinenweberei, IG Niutex, Naturfaserförderung Schweiz

Hardly any other economic sector is as sharply characterised by globalisation as the textile industry – the negative ecological and social consequences of this development are well-known. SwissFlax is dedicated to the idea of sustainability and is based on the concept of once again building up local value creation chains for textile production. Agricultural variety, work close to nature and earnings opportunities for the region are good reasons for this, together with short transport routes, controlled cultivation and Swiss quality awareness. SwissFlax GmbH forms the connection between the farmers in the Emmental, who having been growing flax again since 2014, and the linen market. SwissFlax buys the raw flax from the farmers and organises its further processing from solubilisation by machine to spinning of the fibres into high quality thread. On the one hand, customers are weaving mills and embroiderers, which use the thread for their own products, and textile companies on the other hand, which work in the clothing and home textiles industries and use the thread to make fabrics in line with their requirements.

Comments of the nominators

The collaboration between farmers and linen producers organised by SwissFlax appears exemplary precisely with regard to promoting a sustainable textile industry. SwissFlax has become increasing professional within just a few years and has developed a self-supporting business model. The application potential for Swiss linen is likely not to be exhausted for a long time.

Comments of the jury

Many people in the textile industry are now talking about sustainability. However, the people behind SwissFlax have taken the initiative, approached the subject courageously and demonstrate how it can function very practically with the much-discussed topic of sustainability. The idea behind SwissFlax is well thought-out and corresponds to the requirements of our time at several levels: for regionalism, environmentally responsible agriculture, a fair wage, transparent supply chains, natural materials, longevity and high-quality products. One can only wish this initiative further success and lots of imitators!