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Textile Design


Serge Ferrari –
Stamisol Safe One

Serge Ferrari AG:

Team Design:
Julia Bretton, Guilhem Merenna, Jonathan Rojon,
Ulrich Frischknecht

Team Production:

Tom Wagner, Refad Sabotic

Team Application Technology:

Andreas Brunner, Charles-André Wäfler, Emmanuel Cattacin

Project Management:

Tim Schubert


Façade sheeting is a design component of curtain-type, ventilated façades, which are now often used for the thermal insulation of buildings. This is a film-type of membrane, which lies behind the external façade cladding and actually protects the insulation material against the weather and physical damage. With the newly developed Stamisol Safe One, the company Serge Ferrari AG is now presenting the first non-flammable, vapour-permeable façade sheeting. Its membrane design consists of a fibreglass fabric coated with elastomer, which is watertight and vapour-permeable, together with a high level of tear resistance. The advantages of this façade sheeting are initially based on the significantly improved fire safety of the buildings fitted with this material. In addition, Stamisol Safe One opens up new design opportunities for architects and façade planers. This means that façade cladding can now also be achieved with joints of up to 50 mm wide and an opening proportion of up to 50 %.

Comments of the nominators

Stamisol Safe One is a textile-based innovative solution for applications in architecture, which accommodate the increasing requirement for light and simultaneously sturdy structures. The technically mature product, which possesses a high level of market potential, impresses both with its performance regarding fire protection and its guaranteed longevity.